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Bread with herb butter  4.50
Onion soup au gratin  5.25
Dutch pea soup with sausage  5.75
Pumpkin soup with sweet potatoes and cocos milk  5.75
6 “Bitterballen” (Van Dobben)  5.75
3 Vietnamese eggrolls with chili sauce 6.25
Beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise and Old Amsterdam cheese 9.00
6 Gambas, fried in garlic and pepper oil 8.50
3 Vietnamese eggrolls with chili sauce 6.25
Beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise and Old Amsterdam cheese  9.00
6 Gambas, fried in garlic and pepper oil  8.50


Goat Cheese salad, with honey, walnuts and beetroot  
Spicy Thai noodle salad with grilled Black Angus beef, coriander, mushrooms and onions  
Salad with smoked salmon and green asparagus  
Salad with avocados, smoked chicken, green apple and walnuts
As a starter  7.25
As a main course 13.75


Vegetarian main courses  
Tortellini, with spinach, ricotta, green pesto and tomato sauce 13.75
3 Colors of fusilli pasta with green pesto, seasonable vegetables and pecorino cheese  13.50
Green curry, with broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant and lentils, served with pandan rice 13.50


Children's menu  
Chicken nuggets with frites and 'appelmoes'                              7.50


Main course meat  
Mixed Grill with 2 cold sauces 18.00
Entrecote with red wine sauce, garlic and shallots 17.50
Dutch Beef Steak with homemade pepper sauce 16.00
Wiener Schnitzel with mushroom sauce 12.75
Grilled lamb cutlets with garlic butter 17.00


Sweet, spicy or Louisiana style served with 2 sauces 16.00


Chicken or pork tenderloin served with saté sauce and krupuk 15.00


Stoop & Stoop Burger with onion compote, tomato and guacamole  14.00
Beefburger with Old Amsterdam cheese, bacon and mango chili salsa  14.00
Veggie burger with grilled courgette, onion, mushrooms and mango chili salsa  13.75


Main course fish  
2 Fried soles with sauce remoulade 15.75
Grilled fillet of salmon with white wine sauce and Dutch shrimps 16.75
Spicey noodles with shrimps 16.50
Boiled mussels  16.50
Pasta with salmon, cream, cherry tomatoes and zuchini 15.00
Fried gambas in garlic 17.50
All our main courses are served with thick fries and a fresh salad  


Dame Blanche  5.75
Cheesecake with raspberry sauce  6.25
Chocolate mousse  5.75
Creme brulee  5.25
Ice cream with fresh fruit and strawberry sauce  6.50
Dutch apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce  7.25
Affogato, vanilla ice cream with espresso coffee and almond liquor 7.25  7.25



Deep fried Dutch Cheese Strings, served with chili sauce (7 pieces)   6.50
Deep fried fingerfood (15 pieces)  12.50
Snack portion of spare ribs   6.50
Shrimp croquettes with soy dip   6.50
Vietnamese eggrolls with chili sauce   6.00


Menu Stoop en Stoop 2018